How anime makes up 90 percent of our lives (6/22)

Anime is my life. Without it, I'm nothing. Just... nothing... You watch an episode of Pokemon. And then the next day you've finished 108 animes and is on the 135th episode of Dragon Ball Z. What have I done. I'm ruined now. All I like is anime. All I care about is anime. Anime would be just too much of a pain to take away. It makes me sad that I'm constantly addicted to it. I'm just a shell of a person. Just kidding. Anime4life

Why more people need to watch Higurashi (6/23)

You have to watch this anime. Even though it's one of the most sadomasochistic, gory, and violent animes of all time, that's what makes it super fucking awesome. It makes me want to rewatch the entire 62-episode anime. It can also be pretty funny at some times, too. If you watched Kira, you would know. Half of the episodes in the 4-episode Kira are completely comedy based, and I'm glad Ryukishi07 decided to make spin-offs, too. No one would want to see just people getting brutally murdered on every episode. That's what makes this anime super fucking awesome, and the ones who want to watch it should watch it, or they're going to have their fingerna-NO. NOT THAT REFERENCE EVER AGAIN.

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