How the Neo Geo AES is totally awesome and how it nearly ruined my life (6/22)

The Neo Geo Advanced Entertainment System is just way2cool4skool. Completely undescribable console. If you have a reasonable IQ, you would probably know how kick-ass the games are. Those games are downright awesome. The graphics were arcade perfect and the games had you take a lot of control. Those games kicked us in the balls so hard that we bled out of our mouths and we played for hours. And hours. And hours. Until we died. Literally. Anyone who hasn't played or even heard of the AES deserves a kick in the face and a copy of Fatal Fury Special.

Why the Super Famicom will get you fired from your job (6/23)

The Super Famicom has officially taken over my life. I started working as an amateur Commodore 64 game designer and coder back in like 2008 or something, but I got attached to something else besides my new games. I loved the Super Famicom. I played it all day every day. It was my life. I actually had a second life ruiner in my possession. So anyways, instead of eating lunch with my shitty ass company with like two people, I decided to play on my Super Famicom. Everyone saw, and I got fired. But I didn't give two flying fucks. I just kept playing Super Famicom until the day was done. Hail Bahamut Lagoon.

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